Westminster Kennel Club

This page is a showcase for some of the awards we have won along the years at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club in New York City.

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Ch Innisfree's Sierra Cinnar

Best In Show - 1980

"Cinnar" & the Kanzlers

- 1980

Ch. Innisfree's Fire And Frost

Best of Breed - 1993

Ch. Innisfree's Irish Derby

Award of Merit - 1993

Kathleen, Trish, Sheila Kanzler 

Frosty & Derby - 1993

Ch. Innisfree's Challenger

Award of Merit - 1996

Ch. Innisfree's Ice-T

Award of Merit - 1997

Ch. Innifree's Chips Ahoy

Award of Merit - 1998

2002 - Award of Merit:  2000 - Award of Merit:

Ch. Innisfree's Gold Seeker

Ch. Innisfree's Ice-T

2001 - Award of Merit:  1999 - Award of Merit:

Ch. Innisfree's Flight Of Fire

Ch. Innisfree's Ice-T


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