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Can you believe that Yukon and Kodiak are one year old!! 

Merry Christmas from our Happy Husky Home! 

And a Happy New Year

Karen and Mike


Our new puppy has been a God send for us and Denali.  He is doing wonderful.  I 
I think he grew a lot this week.  Him and Denali, are getting along and playing with each other.  It amazed me Monday evening when I got home to see how much a difference just having him in our home made to Denali.  Absolutely no separation anxiety that day or the rest of the week.  He is so handsome and hugable  thank you again.

Pam, Jeff & Denali

I cannot believe Grayson will be turning 3 in a few weeks.  Attached are two recent pictures, you are most welcome to put them on facebook/website if you wish.



Grayson is a wonderful dog, he has calmed down with age and is still very outgoing and polite!  I took him to a local play session at a daycare facility, and the owner said that Grayson is truly a good model for the breed, he has great temperament and a warm personality/well socialized.  I must thank you for the good foundations you gave him as a puppy.



Hi Norbert and Trish!

This is a long overdue note to give you an update on our little Koho. We recently had a baby boy and have had our hands pretty full. In fact our son was born the day after Koho’s 1 year birthday! Busy household with the two boys. He is doing wonderfully. Our dog walker takes him out for a 3 hour play in the park or by the beach and he gets to meet and play with lots of other dogs. He is friendly with children when we go for walks and everyone falls in love at first sight! Our only two issues are digging (he destroys our lawn!) and he eats grass and leaves and makes himself sick! We are hoping that he grows out of that soon. He’s also adapted well to the baby – although his sleep has been disrupted with all the crying J

  Koho is a fantastic dog and we want you to know he is happy and in a loving home. Hope his siblings are doing well too. See attached pics of the little guy.

Best Ben and Assal


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