Siberian Movie opportunity
A LITTLE MAGIC "The Trish and Cinnar Story" 

Fundraising for the movie will begin in November.  Please go to or to find out more information.


Dan Helfgott movie writer/producer of the A LITTLE MAGIC "The Trish and Cinnar Story" and Trish Kanzler with two males that will play the part of Cinnar. The movie will soon be made with the help of all dog lovers.


The dog show world could use an uplifting and inspirational film that would help promote the sport. Too many things have been in the news and in the media that paint dog shows and pure bred dogs in a negative light. This film could change all that, and help revitalize the entire sport. 

Our director on the film (and our producing partner) is Roger Young, who has directed over 50 movies including Hercules, Jesus, Bourne Identity, and our own The Thin Blue Lie (Paramount, 2000). He has won 3 Director’s Guild Awards, an EMMY and has numerous nominations. Our Director of Photography is Donald Morgan, who has 5 EMMYS, 5 ASC awards, and is THE most awarded member of the American Society of Cinematographers. Our composer is Patrick Williams, who has scored more than 200 films, has dozens of Grammy, EMMY and even Oscar nominations, and has won many of them. He’s also produced albums for Frank Sinatra and Barbra Streisand. So as you can see, we are a team of top notch professionals.   


There are over 5,500 AKC dog show clubs in this country. With this seed money, we can reach them and get the word out to all their members.  That will link them to our website and our Indiegogo funding site, where they will be given multiple opportunities to participate in this project. In turn, that will generate the money we need to make this movie.


We need to pay for the design and construction of our web site, design of our logo for our products (t-shirts, posters, mugs, rain jackets, leashes, etc.), building our email list (with 5,500 clubs and an average of 4 board members per club that means hiring someone to harvest those 22,000 email addresses), creating a video trailer to put on Indiegogo and on our website telling about the film, hiring a team to use social media to send targeted ads, and paying for Mailchimp to reach and organize our huge fan base, but they get an “Indiegogo Executive Producer” credit and an invite to the set. 


This will be the first important step in bringing this wonderful story to the screen, and any help you can give us for it will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,


Daniel Helfgott

Helfgott-Turner Productions, Inc.


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