Our Siberians

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BIS Am/Can Ch Innisfree Yankee Drummer Am/Can Ch Innisfree Nuala Ann Mcgrail
BISS Am/Can Ch Innisfree Stockbroker Am/Can Ch Innisfree Aunt Sheila
Am/Can Ch Innisfree Star Navigator Am/Can Ch. Kristari's Rally O'Innisfree
BIS/BISS Am/Can Ch Innisfree Juneau Bigboy Am/Can Ch. Innisfree Marnie
BISS Am/Can Ch Innisfree Flight of Fire Am/Can Ch. Innisfree Judy Kay  
Am/Can Ch Innisfree Touch Of Gold Am/Can Ch. Innisfree Opal Essence
Am/Can Ch. Innisfree Mercedes Roadster Ch. Innisfree Marilyn
Am/Can Ch Innisfree Ring Of Fire Ch Innisfree Gold Rush Edna
Am/Can Ch Innisfree Silver Streak Ch. Innisfree Leona  
Am/Can Ch Innisfree Talent Scout Ch. Innisfree Natalie Wood
Am/Can Ch Innisfree Golden Insignia Ch. Innisfree Blue Nun 
Am/Can Ch Innisfree Hi Ho Silver Can Ch. Innisfree Sasha II 
Am/Can Ch. Innisfree Court Appearance Ch. Innisfree White Diamonds 
Am/Can Ch. Innisfree Defense Attorney Ch. Innisfree Martha Stewart
Am/Can Ch. Nanook's Jaleran the Lion King Ch. Innisfree Black Rose
Am/Can Ch. Innisfree Taka Chance  Am/Can Ch. Innisfree Caliente
Am/Can Ch. Innisfree's Keagan Am/Can Ch Innisfree Cassablanca
Am/Can Ch. Innisfree Guardian  Am/Can Ch. Innisfree Ice Flo
Am/Can Ch Innisfree UR My Drifter Too Am/Can Ch. Innisfree Aurora Belle
Am/Can Ch. Innisfree Ball O'Fire Ch. Innisfree N Calahari Trinity
AmGCH/Can Ch Innisfree Red White and Blue Can Ch Innisfree Eleana
Ch. Innisfree Master McGraw Innisfree Aunt Trish
Ch. Innisfree Star Witness    
Ch. Innisfree Pirate Treasures  
Ch Innisfree Rocket Red Glare
Ch. Innisfree Cinnars Gold
Ch. Innisfree Stock Options
Ch. Innisfree Kimlan Fire Eater
Ch. Innisfree Sea Hunt II
Ch. Innisfree Star Navigator
Ch. Innisfree Chuck A Luck
 Innisfree Patrolman  
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Frozen semen available for domestic or international use.    

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Hips and Eyes evaluated for hereditary disease
Worldwide shipping, frozen semen available
Author of  "A New Owner's Guide To Siberian Huskies"
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