My Book


"A New Owner's Guide to Siberian Huskies"

Written By: Kathleen Kanzler


The purpose of this book is to introduce the Siberian Husky, body and soul, to my readers. Of all the dogs in the world, the Siberian Husky, was certainly most favored when nature created him. A beautiful, dense coat, the body of a superb athlete, an exquisite head and expressive eye--all the indomitable spirit of this playful, sometimes mischievous companion and friend. The only true love that money can buy.

The Siberian is a wonderful friend, family companion in all activities, and even a working member of the family.


This book is a how-to book. How to raise this unique, special dog with most of his unusual instincts to survive in a hostile Arctic world intact. He did survive in this world because he could adapt. He could be a companion to man and a playmate for their children. He could be a diligent worker on the sled with incredible determination and endurance. His exploits in the service of man in the Siberian Arctic, the Alaskan wilderness and the Canadian far north in hunting, rescue work and in transportation and carrying supplies have given him a hero status that is unsurpassed today.

This book is my opportunity to share with you, the reader, my lifelong knowledge of this wonderful breed. The Siberian Husky's love of life and free spirit require a special owner--one who will appreciate a partnership with a dog, not an owner who demands a master/slave relationship. Siberians are extremely smart, willing-to-please dogs, but they want to be a part of it, not just be told what to do. To be a successful owner of a Siberian. you must respect this special relationship with your dog. Do not let his free spirit and love of life go undisciplined. He must adapt to the world in which you live. I want every Siberian to have a great life with caring owners. The Siberian must be trained to achieve this greatness. My goal in writing this book is to present a true picture of the needs of the Siberian Husky so that he can achieve the title of "Splendid Companion."

Kathleen Kanzler


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